Current Students (under construction)

Stephen Adams
Rod Lammers
Travis Hardee
Tim Stephens
Travis Stroth
Mark Weinhold

Previous Students Advised

Ph.D. Students

Stephen Adams (in progress, GRA)
Dan Baker (completed, GRA and Post-doc)
Christopher Cuhaciyan (completed, GRA and Post-doc)
David Dust (completed)
Robert Hawley (completed, GRA)
Rod Lammers (in progress, GRA)
Jennifer Mueller Price (completed, GRA)
David Raff (completed, Post-doc)
Joel Sholtes (completed, NSF I-GERT Program, GRA)
Steven Yochum (completed, GRA)

M.S. Students

Russ Anderson (completed, GRA)
Amer Battikhi (completed)
Michael Brown (completed, GRA)
Andrew Bryden (completed)
Shaun Carney (completed, GRA)
Erick Carlson (completed GDPE, GRA)
Sarah Eberhart (completed, GRA)
Alejandro Flores (completed, GRA)
Brian Fox (completed, GRA)
Brian Haines (in progress)
Travis Hardee (in progress, GRA)
Kyle Hardie (completed, GRA)
Elaina Holburn (completed, GRA)
Blair Hurst (completed, GRA)
Nell Kolden (completed, GRA)
Peter Kulchawik (completed, GRA)
Brian McCaig (completed)
Jonathan McIntosh (completed, GRA)
John Meyer (completed, GRA)
Sam Michels-Boyce (completed, GRA)
Gabriel Miller (completed, GRA)
Radley Ott (completed)
Kevin Pilgrim (completed)
David Pizzi (completed, GRA)
Michael Rafferty (completed)
Tyler Rosburg (completed, GRA)
Erin Ryan (completed, GRA)
Steve Sanborn (completed, GRA)
Joshua Smalley (completed)
Ben Snyder (completed)
Tim Stephens (completed, GRA)
Christy Wilson (completed)
Dan Woolley (completed)

Graduate Committee Service – member of more than 160 M.S. and Ph.D. committees at Colorado State University since 2000.