Nicole Peterson

Graduate Student


Nicole grew up in West Des Moines, Iowa, where her parents, both in the profession of civil engineering, emphasized an appreciation for the natural outdoors.  While her early interests included running around outside and building sandcastles by the lake, she now enjoys climbing, biking, and skiing.  In addition to being passionate about the outdoors, Nicole became devoted to playing the cello at an early age.  In order to get a little closer to western terrain, where outdoor recreation abound, Nicole attended the University of Wyoming to study Civil Engineering.  She received her bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering, graduating magna cum laude, in 2016.  She also received a minor in music, focused on cello performance.  To further refine her interests within the field of Civil Engineering, Nicole decided to attend graduate school at the University of Georgia.  There, she is currently working with Dr. Brian Bledsoe under a Wormsloe fellowship.  Her interest as a Wormsloe fellow is to improve modeling tools that predict the future effects of sea-level rise on coastal salt marshes at a scale that is of management relevance.  It is known that anthropogenic factors are largely intertwined with marsh fate, but the context of these factors amidst climate change is not fully understood.  Nicole is passionate about preserving the natural environment but understands that trade-offs between conservation and societal needs will have to occur in many engineered designs.  She is interested in a wide variety of water resource topics, ranging from restoration to urban infrastructure, and is eager to integrate her engineering knowledge with that of other fields, such as ecology and policy.