Author: Olivia Allen

  • Hattie Greydanus
  • Alejandra Gomez
  • Paul Coughlin
  • Matt Chambers

    Matt Chambers

    Graduate Student My background in ecology and engineering has helped me understand the perspectives of both practicing engineers and conservation biologists. I am hoping that as I get deeper into my academic career, this dual background will help me span the gap between disciplines in a field of research that is interdisciplinary by design, and…

  • Holly Yaryan Hall

    Holly Yaryan Hall

    PhD Student Holly Yaryan Hall is a licensed professional engineer with 14 years of experience as a civil, hydraulic, and water resources engineer in the private and public sectors. She holds degrees from Princeton University, Colorado State University, and the University of South Carolina, and she has completed levels I through III of Rosgen training.…

  • Haley Selsor

    Haley Selsor

    Graduate Student My name is Haley Selsor and I am a PhD student in Dr. Bledsoe’s lab. So far, my research has focused on flood risk equity and investigating the relationship between disadvantaged populations and flood exposure in urban areas. I am interested in exploring how implementing green infrastructure can improve or worsen flood risk…