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  • Hattie Greydanus
  • Alejandra Gomez
  • Paul Coughlin
  • Matt Chambers

    Matt Chambers

    Graduate Student My background in ecology and engineering has helped me understand the perspectives of both practicing engineers and conservation biologists. I am hoping that as I get deeper into my academic career, this dual background will help me span the gap between disciplines in a field of research that is interdisciplinary by design, and…

  • Holly Yaryan Hall

    Holly Yaryan Hall

    PhD Student Holly Yaryan Hall is a licensed professional engineer with 14 years of experience as a civil, hydraulic, and water resources engineer in the private and public sectors. She holds degrees from Princeton University, Colorado State University, and the University of South Carolina, and she has completed levels I through III of Rosgen training.…

  • Haley Selsor

    Haley Selsor

    Graduate Student My name is Haley Selsor and I am a PhD student in Dr. Bledsoe’s lab. So far, my research has focused on flood risk equity and investigating the relationship between disadvantaged populations and flood exposure in urban areas. I am interested in exploring how implementing green infrastructure can improve or worsen flood risk…

  • Hunter Kunzelmann

    Hunter Kunzelmann

    I was born in Macon, GA and started my undergraduate degree in Environmental Engineering in 2019 after matriculating to UGA in 2018 as an ecology student. I became interested in the field of resilient infrastructure when I took Urban Systems Engineering and learned about biomimicry and the ability to utilize natural designs in man-made infrastructure for…

  • Madlyn Carpenter

    Madlyn Carpenter

    Natural Infrastructure Fellow I am from Lincoln, Nebraska. I was first drawn to the program due to the emphasis it had on restoration ecology and how interdisciplinary it was. I think engineers in the past have struggled with looking at a problem holistically, but by integrating multiple disciplines to get a greater diversity of perspective, I believe…

  • Brian Bledsoe

    Brian Bledsoe

    Ph.D., P.E., F. ASCE, University of Georgia Brian Bledsoe is Georgia Athletic Association Distinguished Professor in Resilient Infrastructure, and founding director of the Institute for Resilient Infrastructure Systems in the College of Engineering at the University of Georgia. Brian holds degrees from Georgia Tech, North Carolina State University, and Colorado State University (Ph.D. Civil Engineering – Hydraulics) and has…