Daniel Buhr

Graduate Student


A native of mid-Michigan, Daniel has spent many days indulging in the state’s abundance of aquatic and terrestrial resources. It was through this, with the influence of family and friends, that he developed a desire to conserve and restore the natural environment using ecological engineering. Daniel attended Michigan State University, where he received a Bachelor’s degree in Biosystems Engineering, with a concentration in Ecosystems Engineering. As an undergrad at Michigan State, he conducted research in a diverse range of topics, including plant genetics, irrigation scheduling, and stormwater BMPs. To expand his expertise in ecological engineering, Daniel elected to pursue graduate study at the University of Georgia. While his interests are broad, he is hoping to use his research with Dr. Brian Bledsoe to focus on the interface between stream restoration ecology and nutrient management. When not busy with research and schoolwork, Daniel is usually either in the woods, on the water, or cheering on his alma mater and other favorite sports teams.