Devan Fitzpatrick

Lab Associate


Growing up, Devan moved numerous times throughout Western Montana and Northern Idaho, always finding herself surrounded by mountains and rivers. She began volunteering at Glacier National Park when she was eight and spent the majority of her summers there camping, hiking and fishing. She considers the mountains of Two Medicine Lake in Glacier Park to be her true home. From her love for the outdoors, she developed a passion for environmental quality and was determined to work with natural resources. Devan received her Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Engineering from Oregon State University. During her time at Oregon State she participated in two Research Experience for Undergraduates Programs that focused on using moss and lichens as environmental biomonitors. Realizing she wanted to steer her career towards working with rivers and ecology, Devan worked as both a river restoration technician and as an Environmental Specialist for The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ). During her brief period in the working world, she recognized the necessity for a deeper understanding of the interface between societal needs, ecology and engineering. To further cultivate her interests, she accepted a position working with Brian Bledsoe at the University of Georgia working to integrate water resources and ecology. When she is not working in the lab, Devan enjoys international travel, climbing, hiking and exploring all the new experiences the South East has to offer.